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Chipside have a comprehensive range of products and services to address the needs of public and private organisations including parking, congestion, permits and air quality.

Configurable and tailored to local regulations and policies, the Chipside suite of products allow a managed and seamless approach to digital transformation in traffic management.

Replacing legacy and cash based solutions with online digital and real-time, cashless operation, utilising a data core that combines security with privacy.

Maximising the use of big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence Chipside solutions provide the local authority and private parking operator with real-time traffic analysis to make informed decisions to reduce congestion, improve air quality and provide the citizen and commercial driver with improved options and a better driving experience within urban environments.

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Chipside Case Manager
Digital solutions...

Chipside's Case Manager enables local authorities to manage the whole parking and traffic management process to ensure compliance with local and national traffic law.

Case Manager has scalable, managed and hosted systems available to provide the most effective management solution. This could be a single council wishing to manage its parking assets or a large urban environment with multiple parking needs using a shared services model.

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Chipside Patroller
Intelligent enforcement...

Chipside's Patroller software used by law enforcement officers to manage on-street parking activity used by the public millions of times a year.

With real-time connectivity, operators are able to manage enforcement needs. Available on both Android OS and Apple iOS.

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Big data...

Oppidatim Core harnesses the power of data to enhance the delivery and quality of public services. Big data and open data interfaces are provided to allow oversight of all integrated operations.

Oppidatim Core has links to in-house data and payment systems, statutory vehicle license checks, court registrations and many more external data sources. Oppitadim Core’s ability to integrate securely with local authority systems allows traffic and parking management operations to be truly smart whether at a community, town, city or regional level.

Digital transformation gives public authorities the ability to react to local conditions based on evidence. Business Intelligence functionality is integrated across systems provided by Chipside and can be shared as raw data as well as graphic and text-based reporting.

MiPermit App
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Digital permits...

MiPermit is Chipside's digital permit solution. Smart towns, cities and regions use MiPermit to give their citizens and local businesses the ability to pay for a variety of permits with an included cashless solution by secure online payment platforms, using mobile, telephone or internet browser.

Available as a smart phone App or through an online portal, residents, businesses and visitors pay for permits any time of the day or night any day of the week. MiPermit interfaces with Chipside's integrated suite and is interoperable with wider government applications.

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